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School of Hotel Management

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The School of Hotel Management of Tourism College of Zhejiang (TCZJ) was established in 1983 with the first major Hotel Service and Management which was renamed Hotel Management in the year 2000 and was one of the initially instituted majors among the domestic colleges of the same kind. We start to enroll the first batch of full-time vocational college students in 2000 and have so far cultivated over 10,000 vocational college graduates as well as polytechnic school graduates.

There are five programs (specialties) in our school, namely, Hotel Management, Hotel Management (Sino-Australia joint project), Hotel Management (Streamed in Intellectualization), Property Management (Streamed in Executive Housekeeper) and International Cruise Crew (Streamed in Costa Cruise Lines). We have successfully established corporate schools with NARADA Hotels Group, New Century Hotels Group, BTG-NANYUAN Group, Zhejiang Nacity Property Management Limited Company and InterContinental Hotels Group. We also have carried out ‘Order-based’ specialized cultivation, cooperating with enterprises and public institutions such as Louwailou co., ltd, The Dragon and Costa Crociere S.p.A.


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