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Cuisine Department

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TCZJ’s cuisine department is the member unit of China Cuisine Association, director unit of Food and Beverage Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, advanced unit of Cooking, Food and Beverage Industry of Zhejiang Province and Advanced Catering vocational education group of Zhejiang province.


Cuisine department has three divisions, cooking technology and nutrition division, western food production process division and Food and Beverage Management and Service division. The western food production division is the only cuisine major which has been certified by the United Nations of World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) in China. It is also a specialized major of higher-level vocational education of Zhejiang Province, the National examplary core major supported with the central financial support of “promoting the development capacity of professional service industry” project. The Food and Beverage Management and Service division was set up according to the demand of the market in 2010, and it began the enrollment in 2011.


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