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Living in TCZJ

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1. Library

The library in Tourism College of Zhejiang is open to International as well as HK, Macao, and Taiwan students. Students can borrow books and documents with their student cards.


If students encounter any problems while borrowing books or in the library, please feel free to ask the staff in library for help at any time.


Books in the library can be kept for a month. Students should renew the item at the counter in the library after the due date. Students who do not return the item after the due date will be punished depending on the case.


2. Safety Tips

Hangzhou maintains great public security, thus making it safe and comfortable to study as well as live in Hangzhou. In the meantime, students should raise their safety consciousness to protect themselves. Students should keep their own passport, permit, and valuables properly. Do not take passport and large amount of money or valuables with you. Students must comply with traffic rules, and pay attention to traffic security problems. Should students go off-campus in the evening, students must go with friends and come back in time. If students encounter danger, they must call the police in time and report to the teachers in the department of International Education.

Police: 110      Fist Aid: 120       Fire: 119      Traffic Accident: 122



1. Spreading religious booklet, awareness, and preaching is prohibited on campus.

2. Do not drive electromobile or motorcycle on-campus and off-campus.


3.Accommodation Management

International students and HK,Macao, and Taiwan students must acknowledge and promise to comply with each accommodation administration rules.

Students should complete check-in accommodation formalities with valid ID card. Students cannot enter into their own room before completing the formality, and they are subject to staff members’ arrangements.

Graduates and expelled students should leave campus within the regulated time period. Once exceeding the time limit, TCZJ does not provide accommodation, and has the right to deal with the belongings left in the dormitory.

TCZJ does not provide accommodation for couples and relatives. Only under special circumstance, if the department of International Education approves the application, people other than students can move into the dormitory and need to pay accommodation fees in the meantime. 

Comply with college management rues and regulations when living in dormitories on campus. Do not transfer rooms or put up visitors without the consent of the dormitory management.

Help make dormitory a quiet and comfortable place. No alcoholism and fight in the dormitory. Do not speak loudly and play sound equipment in high volume, which will disturb others.

Take good care of public facilities. Do not damage, dismantle, or refit the equipment in the dormitory. Do not nail, paste,hang or paint any stuff of mark in the room as well as doors, walls, and bookshelves in the building. If any equipment and public facilities in the room and building are damaged on purpose, students will be charged accordingly.

Maintain public hygiene, and keep the dormitory clean indoors and outdoors.

Piling belongings in the hallway, hanging belongings outside the window, and raising pets like cats and dogs are all prohibited. Keep the bathroom clean. 

The rear service department will clean and disinfect students’ bedding regularly. Students should cooperate with the staff member while collecting and dispatching the bedding.

Comply with the regulations of fire prevention. No smoking indoors. Do not use naked light, connect electric wires arbitrarily, or store inflammable and explosives. Students causing the fire accident shall compensate for all the losses. If a serious damage happens, the criminal responsibility will be ascertained through judicial authorities. Should students spot hidden peril of fire accident, please inform the staff in time to solve the problem.

⑪Keep personal valuables properly, and deposit cash into bank account. Close windows and lock the door when leaving the room.

⑫To save water and electric resources, do not keep air-conditioner in operation for long time, and turn off the air-conditioner and power-supply when leaving the room.

⑬Complete check-out formalities when leaving the campus. Duplicate keys is prohibited.

Please strictly comply with the above regulations, and students who disobey the regulations will be fined and punished.

4.Currency and Bank

Only Renminbi circulates in China. Yuan refers to the unit of Renminbi, while Jiao refers to the fractional money. The abbreviation of Renminbi is RMB. RMB possesses 8 denominations, including 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan ,5 yuan, 1 yuan, 5 jiao, and 1 jiao.


Currency exchange: Most foreign currencies can be exchanged into RMB.


Bank of China, Xiaoshan branch, which is located at No.288 Renmin Road, Chengxiang Street, Xiaoshan, provide customers with the service of currency exchange, deposit, and so on. To prevent from economic loss, do not exchange currency individually. Please present the passport or permit when exchanging currency, which applies to the service of opening bank account as well. For more questions, please contact the bank.


In the Bank of China, there are 8 currencies that can be deposited in the bank account directly, including pound, Hong Kong dollar, dollar, euro, yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and Taiwan dollar.


Bank of China customer service tel: 95566   Website:


5.Public Holiday

International students and students from HK, Macao, and Taiwan enjoy the same public holiday as Chinese students. TCZJ does not offer holidays during the holiday in other countries or regions. Please pay attention to your safety during the holiday. Except summer and winter holiday, TCZJ will inform students with exact date of other holidays as well as the class arrangement.


Apart from the summer and winter holiday, Chinese public holidays are as follows:

Jan.1                                                   New Year’s Day

April.5                                      Tomb-sweeping Day

May.1                                                      Labour’s Day

May. 5Chinese lunar calendar             Dragon Boat Festival

Aug.15Chinese lunar calendar             Mid-autumn Festival

Oct.1                                                  National Day


1. Bus Lines near campus)

No.323 ( first vehicle hour of departure: 05:20 last vehicle hour: 20:00 first vehicle hour of return:06:30 last vehicle hour: 19:10)

No. K720 (first vehicle hour: 6:00  last vehicle hour: 20:30)

No.328 (first vehicle hour: 6:45    last vehicle hour:20:00)


2. Extracurricular Activities

The Department of International Education provides International students and students from HK, Macao and Taiwan with various visits, recreational and sports activities. Related information will be presented in the wechat group, please pay attention to the announcement, and actively take part in the activities. In addition, students can make use of spare time to travel to other cities. Do remember to bring the passport, permit while travelling, and pay attention to the safety issues. Students can only go travelling during the weekend, public holiday, and winter and summer holiday. It is prohibited to go travelling during the study period. 

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