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1. Language Student & Advanced Student

1.1 Class Division

After the enrollment, freshman can choose to have elementary, intermediate, or advanced level of Chinese class, according to their own Chinese language level. Students can change the level of Chinese class according to their learning within a week.


1.2 Attendance Check and Asking for Leave

General Advanced students should attend classes according to regulations. Under the circumstance of being unable to attend the class due to personal reasons, students should complete the asking for leave formality in time. Students who request for within one day’s leave should submit application to head teacher and gain approval in advance; Students who request for more than three days’ leave should submit a written application to head teacher to gain approval, and the record will be kept in the department of International Education.


For general advanced students, if their accumulated leave is more than one month or they cut more than one third of the total classes, they cannot be issued with advanced study certificate, which means they fail the examination. For students whose attendance is less than 80%, Exit and Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau will cancel their Chinese Visa.


1.3 Issuing the Transcript

When the term comes to an end, transcripts will be sent to the department where students study.


2. Degree Students

2.1 Selecting Majors and Classes

Degree students should submit application for major selection to the department of International Education in advance. Having determined the major, students can get enrolled in corresponding department.


It is necessary for degree students to choose courses that are supposed to have according to the cultivation plan. The department will select courses for students according to their major and the class they are in,  and therefore students should have classes in accordance with the timetable.


2.2 Attendance and Asking for leave

    I  Attendance: TCZJ will check the attendance of all the classes, examinations, tests, and other teaching activities on teaching plan. For students who are unable to attend due to personal reasons should ask for leave in advance. Leaving without application or approval will be regarded as missing the class. For students who miss more than one third of the total classes cannot take the examination of the course, and therefore can only get the score of 0.

   II  Asking for Leave: Please refer to Chinese students’ procedures of asking for leave. Students should submit application to the department and gain approval. Asking for a sick leave requires certificate from hospital. Students who ask for more than three days’ leave should also submit application to the department of International Education for record.


2.3 Examination and Grade

International students must take the examination or test of the courses they selected. Under the circumstance of being unable to attend exam due to personal reasons, degree students should submit written application to the office in their department, while language and advanced students should submit written application to International Education department. Once the application is approved, students can attend the examination for the next time. Instead, if the application is not approved or submitted, fail to attend the examination will get the score of 0.


2.4 Graduation and Completion of Course Study

The examination adopts hundred score system, and the minimum passing score is 60. The test adopts hundred score system or five-points system. There are five levels in five-points system, including distinction, merit, good, pass, and fail. Together with the score of the final examination, students’ attendance, class performance, assignment performance, and also the scores of quizzes as well as mid-term examination all make up the final total score.


The examination and test score is given by course teacher. Should students have questions to their score, please submit written report to the department of International Education to have their score recheck according to the the regulated procedures. Students themselves are prohibited to check their answer sheets. Student who fail the exam but achieve the score above 30 is allowed to have a makeup exam, and the score will be recorded into student transcript, with the hint “makeup exam”. For student whose score is below 30, they cannot take the makeup exam but retake the course. TCZJ will announce the date for makeup exam, and it is prohibited to hold makeup exam on other dates. Makeup exams for degree students can be extended for half an hour. If students cannot attend the makeup exam due to personal reasons or sickness, which requires related certificate, or there is a time conflict between exams, they can be rearranged to take the exam once Dean’s office approves.


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