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Faculty members attended the 7th Hotel Plan 2018 International Academic Conference

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2018-11-05   PV:

    On November 2 and 3, the 7th Hotel Plan 2018 International Academic Conference was held in Belgrade Hotel Management School, Serbia.Prof.Zhou Hanqiong, from the Department of Hotel Management, and Prof. Xu Hui, from the Department of Tourism Management attended the conference.

     The theme of the conference is Hospitality as Quality Factor of Tourist Destination Offer and Competitiveness. Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang, Minister for Education, Scientific and Technical Development attended the conference. Prof. Zhou Hanqiong and Prof. Xu Hui delivered speeches, and won applause from experts and scholars. Two associate professors academic thesis were published together with other experts thesis.

     Hotel Plan 2018 International Academic Conference improved TCZJs  ability to establish collaboration on International scientific research, and also promoted the construction under the guideline of “One Belt One Road”.


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