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Delegates from The College of Hotel Management Belgrade Serbia visited TCZJ

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2018-12-19   PV:

    On Dec.17, Dean of The College of Hotel Management Belgrade Serbia Mr.Slavoljub Vic̒ic̒, Professor Ms.Ljiljana Kosar, and directer of CHT Academy, Mr. Wang Xusheng visited TCZJ. President Mr. Du Lanxiao and Vice President Mr. Xu Yunsong extended welcome to the guests. Director of the Department of International Education Mr. Yan Yiping attended the meeting.

    President Du Lanxiao made an introduction on the basic operation, service contribution, and the development of internationalization of TCZJ. She hoped that the two colleges can establish cooperative relation on joint operation, faculty and student exchange as well as cultural dissemination. Mr.Vic̒ic̒ made an introduction on The College of Hotel Management. The two colleges had a detailed discussion on establishing teaching center, dispatching students mutually, and carrying out academic exchange, and signed the MOU officially.

    The College of Hotel Management Belgrade is a state college established in 1974, with three majors, including Western Cuisine, Hotel Management, and Gastronomy. The college currently has 4000 full-time students. Faculty members from TCZJ were dispatched to attend the International Academic Conference in May and November this year.

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