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TCZJ organized the 5th Chinese Tea Olympic “Imitation of Song Dynasty Tea Competition” event

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2018-12-04   PV:

     From Dec.1 to Dec.2, the 5th Chinese Tea Olympic was held in the tea town Long Wu, Hangzhou.

    The Tea Olympic attracted more than 100 candidates to attend, including foreign candidates from Russia, Korea, Thailand, and so on. In terms of the Chinese candidates, their ages range from 5 years old to 78 years old, which shows Chinese peoples great enthusiasm towards traditional Chinese tea culture.

    The Tea Olympic invited famous tea experts to attend the competition as judges. After the fierce competition, Shu Xinyu, from TCZJ, won the gold medal, and were awarded with the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage Ambassador of Tea Olympic.  





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