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Student activities in Russia

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2018-12-06   PV:

On Dec. 6, Sino-Russian Tourism College held the first Mandarin Chinese Corner in Russian State University of Tourism and Service. The purpose of the corner is to improve the cultural exchange and strengthen the friendship between Chinese and Russian students.

Around 50 students and faculty members from China and Russian attended the activity, including the Vice president of Russian State University of Tourism and Service, Tatiana Ananeva, Dean of Sino-Russian Tourism College, Rao Huaqing, Director of the Foreign Affair Office, Alexandre, Professor Natalia, and Lerner.

The Mandarin Chinese Corner introduced Confucius culture. During the activity, Russian students were invited to talk about their impressions towards China, and Chinese faculty member taught Russian students how to greet each other in Chinese. In addition, Russian faculty members and students know better about Chinese hospitality culture and characters through playing games.

Currently, more and more Russian are starting to learn Chinese cultures. In August 2019, Russia will include the subject of Chinese into the National College Entrance Examination. The Mandarin Chinese Corner help students in Sino-Russian Tourism College improve cultural exchange, and spread Chinese traditional cultures in the meantime.

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