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Students of TCZJ Have Made Great Achievements in the National Tourist College Skills (Hospitality Service) Competition

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2019-05-20   PV:

From May 16 to 19, the Eleventh National Tourist College Skills (Hospitality Service) Competition was held in our college, sponsored by the Tourism Education Branch of China Tourism Association. All the four students from our college won the first prize in the group of Higher Vocational colleges.


There are four events in this competition, including Chinese banquet setting, Western banquet setting, Chinese bed making and cocktail mixing. There are 418 competitors from 131 Higher Vocational Colleges in China competing in thiscompetition. Xu Wenchu, Chen Shilun, Zhang Tong and Dong Jun, four students from the Hotel ManagementDepartment, were selected to compete in the four events. In three days, they completed the three links of comprehensive theoretical knowledge assessment, oral English test and practical operation. By virtue of their skilled operation skills and excellent psychological quality, the four students successfully completed various tasks in excellent competitive condition, and eventually won the first prize. Our college won the first prize in the group score.


Since2009, the National Tourist College Hotel Service Skills Competition has gone through an extraordinary 10-year process. The Hotel Management Department of our College had selected excellent players to compete for every year. Promoting teaching by competition and training by competition has become a great opportunity to show the teaching and training results of the department.

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