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TCZJ Leaders Went to Visit the Interns during Summer

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2019-08-31   PV:

Jin Bingxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee, and other school leaders visited intern students by going to Shanghai, Hainan, Beijing, Xiamen and other provinces and communicate and exchange with authorities concerned during the summer.

During their visit, all leaders fully grasped the situations in detail by starting discussions with interns, and walking around their dormitories. Chairman Jin sincerely expressed their expectations to students, hoping they can cherish every moment of working as an intern, make efforts to cultivate service skills and lay a solid foundation for their bright future.

It is estimated that there are more than 4000 students from 27 majors in the academic year of 2018-2019, working with internships in more than 300 domestic intern bases around 20 provinces, and more than 50 renowned overseas intern bases, all of whom had a 12 % of total graduates covering the field of overseas training, exchange students, overseas studies, and working as interns.

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