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Students of Culinary Arts Department won 2 medals in the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic

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The Hong Kong International Culinary Classic was recently held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Yan Yin, a student from Culinary Arts Department, have won a silver medal and a bronze medal in this competition. This is the best achievement for Higher Vocational Colleges in China in this competition so far.


The competition is hosted by the Hong Kong Chefs Association and certified by the World Association of Chef’s Societies. It is held once for every two years. More than 900 players from 11 countries and regions including Australia, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand participated in this competition.


Nine young players selected by China Hospitality Association formed the Mainland China Team, and Yan Yan, a Grade 2017 student from Western Culinary Arts major, ranked among them. He was under the leadership of coach Wang Tao, a Western Culinary Arts teacher in Culinary Arts Department. It is deserve to be mentioned that Yan Yin is the only player in the Chinese team who participates in two events. After fierce competition on the spot, Yan Yin won silver medal in Hot Cooking Sea Bass in professional group and bronze medal in Hot Cooking Whole Free Range Chicken in youth group with excellent creativity, skills and stability.

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