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TCZJ held a 2019 new enlisted student farewell ceremony

Source:旅院英文版   Author:旅院英文版   Time:2019-09-09   PV:

A farewell party was held for 2019 new enlisted students on September 9. Du Lanxiao, President of the school, the other leaders and students’ parents concerned were in attendance for this farewell ceremony, chaired by Qian Xingcheng, head of Students’ Affairs Office.

9 students were enlisted honorably to the army with the flowers badges bestowed. Ma Tao, a student of class 2018 discharged from the army, and Zhou Liyang, a freshman of class 2019 made the respective remarks at the ceremony.

President Du expressed her blessings to students with gentle reminders that “Try to bear in mind under National President Xi Jinping’s four propositions: to be a man of soul, a man of capability, a man of perseverance, and a man of virtues. Be proud of a member of TCZJ, and keep yourself a good image to endeavor for the greatest school honor.

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