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TCZJ Convened for a 2019 School Work Conference and Teacher’s Day Celebration

In the afternoon of September 2, TCZJ convened a school work conferencein a new semester of 2019 and Teacher’s Day celebration.The hierarchy of TCZJ was all presentedat the meeting. The meeting washostedby President Du Lanxiao,deputy secretary of party committee of TCZJ.

During the conference, six teacher representatives came to the stage tosharetheir work experience and sentiment. Han Yongliang, secretary of discipline inspection of party committee, announced the winners of scholarship fund. Also, Zhou Guozhong, deputy secretary of party committee, read out the winnersofthe provincial-and-ministerial level and above in the year 2018-2019, and the list of teachers who have taught for 30 years.YingXiaoqing, one of the teacher representatives, expressed her love and enthusiasm during her 30-year teaching work and was proud of being a member of TCZJ.

At the meeting, Jin Bingxiong, secretary of the Party Committee, made a speech entitled "Shouldering the Mission, Striving for the Standard, and Promoting the High-Quality Development and High-Level Construction of the New Era College." Jin said, for those who have been teaching for over 30 years, they were the representatives of the most beautiful TCZJstaff.They have done a good job of the responsibility of “not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission.” The spirit of the TCZJ reflected in them is the source of motivation for our progress and development.We hope that more teachers will see the wisdom and benefit and contribute to the development of our big family, TCZJ.

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