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China-Korea Cultural Exchange Performance is held in TCZJ

China-Korea Cultural Exchange Performance and “Perception of Korea” Tour was held in Art Center on November 24th. It is to commemorate the victory of China’s Anti-Japanese War and Korean Recovery’s 70thanniversary. Mr.Kim Chenkun, the cultural consul of Korean Consulate General in Shanghai and the director of Korean Cultural Center, Mr. Wu Lianping, the vice president of Hangzhou People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Mrs. Zhao Shengzhu, the curator of Memorial of Korean Temporary Government, attended the performance. Mr. Wang Kunxin, secretary of the Party committee, Mr. Yao Zhefeng, the director of TCZJ Publicity Department and thousands of students watched the performance together.

Mr. Wang Kunxin said in the address, through consistent resistance, China and Korea finally won the victory of the east battle field in World Anti-Fascist War. People of the two countries have developed deep friendship since then. China and Korea will cultivate more friendship envoys and further deepen our relation.

Mr.Kim Chenkun said in his address that, Tourism College of Zhejiang provide a stage for youths from the two countries to display their excellent performance. It is a dialogue between heart and heart.

The performance started with a poetry recitation, Yellow River From the Heaven, which display the resistant spirit against war. The Medley by the Choir presented great power against war. The group dance "Azalea" showed the love and respect for Red Army. The song wet sanding exhibits Chinese traditional culture. The Korean art group gave performances of traditional Korean dancing, ballads, street-dance, gymnastics and Taekwondo with Jazz flavor. When approaching the end of the gala, Chinese and Korean performers went up to the stage holding their own national flags, expressing the best wishes to the future.

China-Korea Cultural Exchange Performance built a bridge between the two countries for promoting friendship and cultural exchange. The performance was highly acclaimed by the guests and audience.

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