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Faculty and students from TCZJ attend “China, Korea, United States, Japan 2015”International Student Conference

Faculty and students attended“China, Korea, United States, Japan 2015”International Student Conference on May 11th, invited by Tourism College of Kyongil,Korea.

College Korean teacher Mr. Lv Zhaojun from Department of Foreign Languages and 6 student representatives from Departments of Hotel Management, Foreign Languages and Tourism Planning gathered with youths from all over the world. They exchanged views on environmental problems and put forward their opinions and plans to ameliorate the situation.

During the conference, the organizers led students to visit the Korea History Museum and Happiness Etiquette Museum. Students got understand deeply about Korean culture and history through activities such as hanbok dressing and traditional Korean fan-making. Living in local families’houses, students experienced typical Korean daily life and their customs.

This International Student Conference is held every year since 2004, sponsored by Tourism College of Zhejiang,China, Tourism College of Kyongil,Korea, The Spring Valley institute in Las Vages, US, and Yamagata institute of higher learning, Japan. The Conference is aimed at enhancing understanding and exchange among students from 4 nations. It provides insights for students’ future careers and gives them an international view.

By Cheng Hui Editor Hu jian

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