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“First Lesson” was delivered by the leader of Zhejiang Medical Team to Jingmen, Hubei Province
Author:Cheng Hui/Yang YangTime:2020-05-11Clicks:

The” first lesson” of spring semester 2020 was held on May 11th. Liu Limin, Secretary of the Party committee of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of medicine, and leader of Zhejiang medical team to Jingmen City, delivered "the first lesson" to nearly 10000 teachers and students.. In addition to the main venue, TCZJ has also set up branch venues to organize teachers and students to watch the live video simultaneously.


Liu Limin vividly taught the touching story of Zhejiang medical team supporting Jingmen in the front line of battle against epidemic with the title of "46 Days of Jingmen's Story". It took the medical team 40 days to reduce the number of ICU critical patients in Jingmen from 110 to 2. "We are here to support Jingmen," he said Zhejiang medical team gave full play to the wisdom, speed and temperature of Zhejiang Province, met the difficulties in Jingmen, dared to carry the responsibilities and fulfilled its mission and wined this great victory with love and responsibility. They built an ICU ward from scratch in one day and took multiple measures in treatments and improving local medical team by “Zhejiang Experience”. It was the joint effort that supported the Zhejiang Medical Team successfully completed various tasks with zero infection.

When the medical team left, nearly 600000 Jingmen people came to the street and saw them off spontaneously to express their recognition and respects to the medical workers and it also reflects the deep feeling between Zhejiang and Jingmen.


Was born in Jimgmen, Chen Yiqun, an associate professor of art department extends his gratitude to Liu Limin. "Thank you for the contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 with your life in Jingmen!"


This special "first lesson" is a profound education of patriotism and d beliefs. It aims to guide teachers and students to establish a sense of home and country, enhance their sense of social responsibility, and carry forward the spirit of dedication.


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