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6 majors of TCZJ ranked first in the Competitiveness List of China Higher Vocational Professional
Author:Cheng Hui/Yang YangTime:2020-05-08Clicks:

Recently, "Jinpingguo" released the 2020 China Higher Vocational Colleges and professional competitiveness ranking for the first time, ranking the comprehensive strength of 19 level 1 categories, 99 major categories and 731 categories of 1429 higher vocational colleges nationwide. TCZJ ranks first in the competitiveness ranking of all tourism colleges and universities. Our six majors including tour guide, scenic area development and management, leisure service and management, Western food technology, exhibition planning and management, and Tourism Japanese are all ranked first in the competitiveness ranking, among which the three majors from tourism planning department are ranked first.

"Jinpingguo Ranking" (also known as the "National Scientific Evaluation List") is developed by Zhejiang Institute of higher education and the Research Center for development strategy and evaluation of a strong province of higher education, China Science Evaluation Research Center of Wuhan University, China Science and Education Evaluation Research Institute of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology and China Science and education evaluation network, including four evaluation reports of China Universities, World Universities, Graduate Education and academic journals. The determination of the index system has gone through the complicated process of discussion, field investigation, consultation of experts' opinions, and level analysis of the two sessions of "national forum for the construction and evaluation of Higher Vocational Colleges", taking into account all aspects of the core competitiveness of the construction of Higher Vocational Majors were taken into account.

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