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Jin Bingxiong and Relevant Directors Inspected and Guided the Preparation for the Back-to-school Semester of Qiandao Lake Campus
Author:Yang Yang/ Cheng HuiTime:2020-05-07Clicks:

On May 6, Jin Bingxiong, secretary of the party committee of TCZJ, Lu Wen, member of the party committee and vice president of TCZJ, and principles of Security Department, Students’ Affairs Office and Logistics Department went to Qiandao Lake Campus to inspect and guide the preparation for the back-to-school semester. Directors of Qiandao Lake Campus accompanied the inspection.


Jin Bingxiong and other leaders visited the campus inspection point, canteen, supermarket, clinic, teaching building, temporary isolation point, student dormitory and other places. Jin expressed his approval of the epidemic prevention and control measures, humanized management measures, school opening preparations and emergency response plans in Qiandao Lake campus.


In the faculty and staff meeting, Lu Wen, vice president of TCZJ, put forward the requirements on epidemic prevention and control. We should focus on "three finish and one study". We should keep an eye on the gate and people, measure the temperature well, learn the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and deal with emergencies well, so as to ensure that students return to school in a stable and orderly manner.


Qiandao Lake campus had also carried out special training on the work plan and related systems for the spring semester in 2020, so as to do a good job in the reception and resumption of students back to school.





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