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President Du Lanxiao Accompanied by an Entourage of Department Heads Went to Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Organizing Committee for Visits and Exchanges
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Yang YangTime:2020-06-16Clicks:

On the morning of June 16, Du Lanxiao, the President of TCZJ, together with Yao Zhefeng, Propaganda Head, led a delegation of another 6 department heads, going to the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee for an official visit. Song Jianbo, Minister of the Hangzhou Foreign Affairs Department of the Asian Games Organizing Committee, extended a warm welcome to President Du Lanxiao and her party.


At the meeting, Du Zuofeng, Deputy Minister of Hangzhou Foreign Affairs Department of the Asian Games Organizing Committee, introduced the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games from six aspects: the formation process of the Asian Games Organizing Committee, venue construction, market development, social mobilization, intelligence construction, and comprehensive event security preparations.


President Du also introduced the basic situation of Tourism College of Zhejiang (TCZJ) from four aspects: the construction of campus scenic spots, talent cultivation, social services, and international exchanges. She pointed out that TCZJ as the only tourism vocational college jointly established by the province and the ministry had the responsibility to serve the Asian Games held in 2022 near our door.


She hoped that the Asian Games Organizing Committee can fully support TCZJ’s in-depth participation in the Asian Games from TCZJ’s providing high-standard volunteering services, high-quality training venues, bilingual video shooting and promotion of the Asian Games. Besides, President Du also expected Organizing Committee in favor of TCZJ to participate in the Asian Games sports tourism project, and to help the Asian Paralympic Games, and so on.

Minister Song Jianbo expressed her heartfelt thanks to TCZJ, saying TCZJ was the first university to actively assist the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. She also believed that the two sides can conduct more in-depth and comprehensive connection in various fields in the future because both are highly compatible with the needs of the Asian Games.



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