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TCZJ Held the 2020 Teacher's Day Celebration and the Beginning of the New Semester Conference
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Yang YangTime:2020-09-21Clicks:

On the afternoon of September 9, our school held the 2020 Teacher's Day Celebration and the beginning of the school work conference.Members of the TCZJ leadership team, school-level inspector and deputy inspectors, and all the teaching faculty and staff attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wei Guotan, Secretary of Party Committee. Teacher Zhang Xiangdong, a 30-year teacher representative, Yu Peihong, the winner of this year's "Teaching Rewards Fund" outstanding teacher, and Ding Jing, a representative of the outstanding team of the National Higher Vocational College Teaching Ability Competition, took the stage and shared their experiences.


President Du Lanxiao delivered a speech at the meeting entitled "Keeping Education and Serving the Country; Undertaking the Mission of Building Dreams and Educating People, and Creating an Important Window for Vocational Education in China". She pointed out that in the first half of the year, our school worked together to overcome the difficulties, and achieved a "two-war win-win" in pandemic prevention control and career development: one is the frequent occurrence of bright spots, the other is the difficulty of solving problems, and the third is the focus of quality improvement.


Wei Guotan, Secretary of the Party Committee, made a concluding speech and put forward four points on “How to be a good teacher who students respect, love and remember for their whole lives”: First, be a conscious practitioner of cultivating people by virtue. Second, love your job and work hard to be a selfless devotee who loves education. Third, care for students and be loyal guardians of their healthy growth. Fourth, be brave to innovate and be a practical explorer of vocational educational reform.


TCZJ specially invited Xu Aiyu, the president of Zhejiang Provincial Image Design Association, a visiting professor of Zhejiang University, and the leading expert of the etiquette module of the humanistic literacy improvement project, to provide professional etiquette training for all faculty members, aiming to improve the professional quality and cultural accomplishment of faculty members, and learn how to find detailed problems to be worked out.


Du Lanxiao presided over the training meeting and made a concluding speech. She said that the training was rich in content, vivid and humorous, and it was not only the learning of teachers' etiquette knowledge, but also the teacher's feeling of etiquette beauty. She hopes everyone at this training will internalize etiquette in the heart and externalize it in form, with the mission of building a "Chinese Brand" and "Chinese Service" talent training cradle for tourism vocational education.







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