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Digital Reform Deployment Meeting Convened in TCZJ
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Cheng HuiTime:2021-04-15Clicks:

TCZJ’s digital reform deployment meeting was held in the 519 art center on March 31. Wei Guotan, Secretary of Party Committee, President Du Lanxiao, related school division leaders and staff faculty attended it altogether, chaired by Vice President Wang Fang.

President Du made a keynote speech at the meeting, during which she proposed some of missions and targets under a theme of “Promote Comprehensive Digital Reform & Create the Most Important Window Access to Vocational Education of China.” She clearly pointed out the following mission and task of TCZJ in digital reforms of 2021; that is to say, one mainstream for big digital data with four upgrades of focus including the upgrade of digital management, the upgrade of campus management efficiency, the upgrade of campus service quality, and the upgrade of information literacy of students and teachers of TCZJ.

Wei Guotan, Secretary of Party Committee, concluded all remarks by pointing out three views that all faculty had to put all thoughts and action into being united as one for better implementing every aspect of digital reforms in our school; secondly, a better promotion of campus service and management efficiency with an aim to deeper merges of information technology and school education; thirdly, a better understanding of mindset in the definition and substantiality of digital reforms by enforcing all learning approaches and mission task.

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