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“Meeting with the President”: A View Exchange & Dialogue with Overseas Teachers
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Cheng huiTime:2021-05-11Clicks:

TCZJ hosted the 25th Meeting with the President-A View Exchange & Dialogue with Foreign Teachers on May 8. A casual and cheerful dialogue at a Chinese Studio, chaired by President Du with the escort of Vice President Wang Fang, and organized by international education college commenced with all face-to-face view exchanges from 7 overseas teachers including the States, Canada, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan China.

“I used to know China, but never knew what China looked alike, and love it gradually after coming here.” “My original schedule was to work here for two years, but I was never thinking of leaving TCZJ afterwards.” “I love too much the AI classroom, hoping our school can build more rooms like this. It is very good for oral teaching in this room.” During the meeting, all of overseas teachers spoke out what they thought and suggestions and got positive and individual responses from the President Du.

President Du expressed her acclaim and devotion from overseas teachers to teaching in TCZJ, and proposed three of her wishes: that is to say, Co-nurture talents in the tourism industry with a Chinese characteristic; Co-create happiness to achieve a sense of fulfillment; Co-build friendship to be a cultural messenger by telling good Chinese stories.

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