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TCZJ Leaders Went to Visit South African Students Who Have Internship in Zhiweiguan
Author:Xu Xu / Zhong WenTime:2020-01-22Clicks:

On the afternoon of January 15, Du Lanxiao, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of TCZJ, Wang Fang, member of the Party committee and vice president of TCZJ, and other responsible comrades from the International Education Department and of Culinary Arts  Department went to visit the South African students who are having internship in the China time-honored Zhiweiguan general store, in Hangzhou. They sent them the blessing of the new year. Han Liping, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Hangzhou Catering Service Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Jing, deputy general manager and other leaders of Zhiweiguan warmly received the visiting group.

Both sides summed up the fruitful achievements since the school-enterprise cooperation, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation plan in 2020. Relying on Hang Cuisine College,  both sides would play their own advantages and achieve more substantive results in personnel training, product research and development, Hang cuisine promotion, international cooperation, etc.

Later, Du Lanxiao and her party visited 18 South African students. The students shared their experience of the internship. They are very grateful to Zhiweiguan for providing the best learning and living environment for their internship. They have expressed that they have gained a lot from the internship. They have not only learned a lot of theoretical knowledge about Chinese cooking, but also learned the production of many traditional Chinese snacks and the design of Chinese banquet dishes. The students also talked about their good impression of Hangzhou and Zhiweiguan. Many students are looking forward to starting Chinese restaurants after returning home.

President Du Lanxiao fully affirmed the practice effect of South African students and encouraged them to continue to study hard. In the future, they will become experts in Chinese cuisine and disseminates of Chinese food culture. Du also asked students to pay attention to safety and spend a happy and peaceful Chinese Spring Festival.


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