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Wang Chaowei, a Student of TCZJ, was Selected into the List of National Scholarship Winners
Author:Xu Xu / Zhong WenTime:2020-05-11Clicks:

In the Youth Day of this year, People's Daily published the "List of National Scholarship Winners of Undergraduates", showing the outstanding representatives of 110 National Scholarship Winners of Undergraduates. There are four outstanding representatives in Zhejiang Province, and Wang Chaowei is the only representative of Higher Vocational Colleges in Zhejiang Province.

Wang Chaowei is a Grade 2017 student, majoring in Business English in the Department of Foreign Languages of TCZJ. He has won the first prize of GTTP Global Study Case Competition and the Grand Prize of GTTP National Study Case Competition in China. He has also won the title of "Excellent Volunteer" of volunteer service in the 20th Annual Meeting of China Association for Science and Technology. He once told the story of Chinese culture and tourism in GTTP Global Study Case Competition.



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