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President Du Lanxiao Made a NetMeeting with Overseas Students
Author:Zhong Wen / Xu XuTime:2020-04-30Clicks:

On April 30, Ms Du Lanxiao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the college, held a “President Engagement” event in the meeting room of Qinjin Building, where she  made a netmeeting with nearly 40 students from six countries, including the United States, Japan, Singapore, united Arab emirates, Qatar and Russia. Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Department, Foreign Affairs Department and related departments joined the meeting as well.

During the five netmeetings, the students spoke their minds freely about the current situation of epidemic prevention and control about their countries, their study, their personal thoughts, their physical and mental health, and their plans for the future. Firstly, President Du showed her concern on all the overseas students on behalf of college, and then she eagerly encouraged in such a special period, the overseas students should strive to become a more "three-well students" : one is the "protect well", pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands often, regular disinfection, keep indoor ventilation, out less as far as possible, refuse unnecessary party, should wear face mask when you must go out, avoid crowded places, especially about the returning students must do a good job on protection; Second, we should “adjust well”, both physically and mentally. On the one hand, we should have a regular daily life and a moderate diet. On the other hand, we should take more exercise and manage our emotions according to local conditions. The third is to "study well", to reasonably arrange the study plan, strengthen reading and thinking, enrich every day. The students expressed their gratitude to the school for its care and help since the outbreak of the epidemic. They expressed their understanding and cooperation with the school's daily information collection work, and expressed their confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic together.

Up to now, there are totally 137 overseas students in our college and they were distributed in 11 countries, Macao and cruise ships. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our school established working group for overseas students, foreign students and foreign teachers for prevention of epidemic, pay close attention to overseas students daily , one-on-one contact, contact department leader concern, made return entry declaration and other management for overseas students.


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