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President Du Lanxiao Made a Netmeeting with Overseas Students Again
Author:Zhong Wen / Xu XuTime:2020-06-12Clicks:

On the afternoon of June 10, the 20th “President Engagement” was held as scheduled. President Du Lanxiao made a netmeeting with overseas students again.  This is the second time since the outbreak of the epidemic abroad that President Du Lanxiao made netmeetings with overseas students. The head of Education Department, Students Affairs Department, Foreign Affairs Department joined the meeting as well.

During the netmeeting, more than 30 student representatives from the U.A.E, Qatar and Spain introduced their current living, physical, working and mental situation as well as local epidemic prevention and control situation, and expressed their gratitude to school leaders and teachers for their kind care.

After students’ introduction, Du Lanxiao felt gratified because of their good condition. She also hoped the students could protect themselves in the following days : firstly, protect themselves carefully, protect themselves scientifically, adjust their moods, do some physical training and keep healthy; secondly, work (or stay at home) securely, to live securely and quietly; thirdly, wait silently, wait the flight, plan their study and work without haste, school leaders and teachers would pay all their attention on the overseas students and accompany them through the difficulties.

At present, there are totally 92 overseas students in our college and they were distributed in 11 countries, Macao and cruise ships. Recently, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has made a special study of the epidemic prevention and control work and the return of overseas students. Under the strong support and promotion of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, some overseas embassies and consulates also contacted the students of our school, expressed their concern and greetings and provided necessary help. TCZJ has started the "Love Fund" temporary hardship subsidy for overseas internship students. Meanwhile, we will continue to pay close attention to the trends of each overseas students, take multiple measures and try our best to help students solve the difficulties and return China, so as to ensure that each student can go home healthy and safe.



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