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The 2022 On-line Graduation Ceremony Successfully Held
Author:Zhong Wen / Xu XuTime:2020-06-05Clicks:

On June 3, the 2022 on-line graduation ceremony was held ceremoniously. College Party leaders Du Lanxiao, Zhou Guozhong, Wang Zhonglin, Lu Wen, Han Yongliang, Yao Zhofeng and Yan Yiping, as well as leaders Wang Kunxin, Chen Baozhu, Xu Yunsong and Xie Zheng who retain the status of head and deputy head of the college attended the ceremony. Relevant departments of the college, secretary of general party branch, directors, head teachers, instructors and so on attended the ceremony together. Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee Zhou Guozhong hosted the ceremony.

The ceremony opened with a solemn national anthem. Lu Wen, member of the Party Committee and vice President, read out the document to commend the 2020 provincial - and college outstanding graduates. Wang Zhonglin, the Party committee member and vice President, read out the document of "2020 Alumni Liaison Work", and then the leaders of the college presented the appointment letter to the representatives of "2020 Alumni Liaison Work".

On behalf of Ms Wen Yan, the head teacher of the graduating class made a speech. She summed up three experiences from some outstanding students and shared them with the graduates. She hoped that everyone could love life and career, believe in yourselves and keep learning.

Zhan Renxin, the parent representative and the father of Zhan Qi from the Department of Hotel Management, expressed his gratitude to the school for the cultivation of the students. The students were deeply moved by the simple and natural but sincere speech.

Finally, President Du Lanxiao presented the award to Yan Han from Class 1 of Western Food Technology 2017 and Wang Chaowei from Class 2 of Business English 2017, the winners of the "President scholarship" in 2020, and made a speech entitled "Youth is just right, and We are far away with poetry". I wish my dear students to cherish their youth, live up to their youth and achieve a brilliant life!

With the school song " Sunshine All the Way ", the graduation ceremony came to an end.


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