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College Leadership Visited Interns During Summer Vacation
Author:Zhong Wen / Xu XuTime:2019-09-06Clicks:


College leaders Jin Bingxiong, Zhou Guozhong, Wang Zhonglin, Lu Wen, Wang Fang and Yao Zhefeng visited interns in Shanghai, Hainan, Beijing, Xiamen, Zhejiang and other provinces during the summer vacation, they had in-depth communication and exchanges with each intern unit.


The school leaders had a detailed understanding of the students' work experience, living conditions, learning gains and other relevant situations through holding internship seminars, job interviews and student dormitory interviews. College Party Committee Secretary Jin Bingxiong wished our students cherish the internship opportunities, pay attention to skills training, and lay a solid foundation for career development. Secretary Jin put forward four hopes for students: firstly, to strengthen learning, to find gaps in practice, to find shortcomings, to make up for shortcomings, to learn in doing, to do in learning, develop themselves with their all lifelong learning ; secondly, cultivate the ability, develop their own communicate ability, coordinate ability, organizational ability, improve their own professional skills; thirdly, be more sunshine, learn to deal with negative emotions, open-minded, work actively; fourthly, focus on safety, enhance the awareness of prevention, to ensure the personnel and property safety.


The school leaders had discussion and exchange with the intern units. The internship units also give high evaluation to the students of our school, they praised that our students were hard-working, high quality, strong ability, had good service consciousness and teamwork. They hope we can establish long-term and stable  cooperative relationship with our school in the future.


According to statistics, during the 2018-2019 academic year, more than 4,000 students from 27 majors participated in the internship. The internship units are distributed in 20 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government), covering more than 300 domestic internship bases and more than 50 high-level overseas internship bases. Students with overseas training experience account for more than 12% of the total number of fresh graduates.

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